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Her Story …

I started working at the tender age of 12, delivering newspapers and magazines on a bike held together with ties and tape. The early mornings and the weight of the bags were a daily challenge, but I eventually saved enough to replace the bike – a goal I had set myself when I started. At the time I thought the paper route was just a way to make some money, but looking back it was the initial seed of my work ethic: sometimes you have to work hard to reap the rewards. (My Father would insist I use the word ‘sometimes’ as he would drive the route with me on especially rainy days).

During my career I have worked in various roles and on numerous projects, each adding their own mark to my ethics, values and personality. The largest impact (and greatest satisfaction) has been when I am given the opportunity to explore something new; whether it be technology, legislation, systems, or business model. I find the process of learning or discovering something extremely gratifying.

A mile-stone birthday, and changes in my personal circumstances, brought with it a need to re-evaluate my life (work and personal) to answer the question: is there more? A part of the answer I discovered was simplicity – a response to the busy-ness of the world in which we live today. I try to employ this in everyday life. Going back to my experience delivering newspapers as a child, I would say that I employed simplicity on those rainy days without even realising.

At this stage in my life, I am seeking to share the process of exploration and discovery with others to enable them to ‘sometimes work hard to reap the rewards’, but with the benefit of simplicity.