Many small business owners shy away from the finances of their business. I’ve heard so many limiting beliefs expressed over the 20+ years I’ve been helping clients with their bookkeeping …

  • It’s too difficult and complex
  • I might do something wrong
  • I have enough to do without this as well
  • I’m not good with figures

These are just a few! But it can be simple and I’m going to share with you how!

Understanding the finances and being in control of the bookkeeping of your business is key to:

  • Seeing opportunities to save money or bring more money into your business
  • Having the facts to make informed decisions to help you manifest your business goals

So here are all the details about Bookkeeping Made Easy:

This is a one-time opportunity to join a small group of business owners who want to discover a simple solution to their bookkeeping headaches, to really understand what it all means, and to leave any limiting beliefs about money and bookkeeping behind.

We start on Monday, 5th October 2020.

Immediately after your registration: You'll get access to the Bookkeeping Made Easy Facebook Group.

Then each week: We’ll break down a different topic into simple and easy steps. You’ll receive an email with the training (plus the relevant guides, videos, and templates). A copy will also be available in the Facebook Group. I’ll be available in the Group to answer any questions you may have and to support you during the Course.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools, knowledge and confidence to take control of your day-to-day bookkeeping (and understand what the numbers are telling you!)

What’s the total value of this entire course?

The Weekly Trainings + the ‘Make It Simple’ templates & guides + Support in the Facebook Group = €2,500

But I absolutely love sharing how simple bookkeeping can be. That’s why I’m not going to price it at €2,000.

It’s not going to be at €1,000 either because I know right now you deeply need this, and I want to help you focus on this area of your business right now because I know what a difference it can make!

Although I’ve been helping people see how simple bookkeeping can be for 20+ years, the course format is new. So the price will only be €497 (with an Early Bird of €297 until Sunday 27th September). This is a one-time only beta testing price!! This means that when I run Bookkeeping Made Easy again in 2021, the price will increase.

This offer is such a great deal, it will sell like hotcakes. So if you want your name on one of the 10 seats, hurry up and get in now!

This group is intentionally limited to a small number of seats to ensure you receive all the help and support you need within the Facebook Group. But if you prefer to work with me on any bookkeeping challenges you’re experiencing in private, there’s a VIP upgrade available where you can book a one-hour private session with me! When you sign up for the VIP upgrade you’ll also receive my Bookkeeping Planner.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

⇒ 6 Weekly Trainings
⇒ Step-by-step Guides & Videos
⇒ Make it Simple Templates
⇒ Access to the Facebook Group

$497.00 $297.00

**VIP Upgrade**

The 6 Week Course
⇒ 60 minute 1:1 Call
⇒ The Bookkeeping Planner

$647.00 $447.00