I’ve been a Canva user since it first launched in 2012, starting with a free account. When I realised the possibilities, I had to sign up for a paid account to get access to the entire suite. It’s now one of the few tools I use every day. I just love its simplicity!

Sometimes when I need to create something and I’m not quite sure what ‘look and feel’ should be. The template gallery available inside Canva (which is totally free) is a great source of inspiration! There are hundreds of different options available. I tend to scroll through these and mix-and-match ideas until I’m happy with the graphic.

‘A picture tells a thousand words’ and Canva is the tool I use to help convey a message to those that are visual learners. At first glance, you may think it’s just a tool for social media graphics. But it is so much more. I’ve created presentations, book covers, and infographics – the list is endless.

I love the fact that I have access to Canva anywhere any time. I not only have access on my laptop, but also on my phone and tablet. This makes it so much easier when I’m posting to Instagram. I can create when I’m sat on a train, on the bus, or even waiting to pick kids up from school.

I’ve started using some of the newer features recently, and they are amazing. The ability to embed video and music into graphics means that I now have access to a single tool for all my graphic design needs under one roof.

Not all of the features are free. But they are so expensive compared to other graphic design tools I honestly don’t mind paying a small subscription fee each month. However, if you only occasionally need access to some of the premium features available there is always the pay as you go option where you purchase credits for photos, illustrations or some other media.

Lastly, to save time you can post to Facebook and Twitter directly from Canva. So you can create your graphic video, write the text content of your post, and make it live on your feed directly from one place. There is no need to download the graphic, and then re-upload it to attach to a post. It’s all done for you.

I’d love for you to head over to Canva and try it out. Click HERE to sign up for a free account. (This is an affiliate link and we’ll both receive 1 credit if you decide to sign-up).

This week over on Facebook, I’ve been sharing short videos on how I use Canva. Click HERE to head over to the Exploring Solutions Facebook Page now.

Happy designing!

Meanwhile, over on Facebook …

I’ve been sharing short videos on how I use Canva over on Facebook. Click HERE to head over to the Exploring Solutions Facebook Page now.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Founder, Exploring Solutions

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