Giving Back

Help, Support & Advice for your Social Enterprise or Fledgling Business without the price tag!

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About Giving Back

I love to help businesses and social enterprises succeed!

Sometimes, to get your venture to the next level you need support, advice, or just someone to talk to. But I see so many people holding back from getting the help they need because of the price tag.

That's why I've launched ‘Giving Back', to help people overcome the challenges of business without the cost.

I've been helping small businesses and social enterprises to grow for nearly 15 years and have experience in all areas of running a business (strategy, finance, marketing, technology, etc.).

If you're struggling with something and would like some help for FREE… Simply complete the application form and I'll be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes, the service is totally free!

I've reached a stage where I want to support more businesses and social enterprises, especially those who are not in a position invest cash at the moment.

Who can apply?

I want to support as many ventures as possible. Initially I am accepting applications from Social Enterprises, Not For Profits, Charities, and Fledgling Businesses (established in the last 12 months).

What support is available?

At the moment, due to COVID restrictions, I'm only offering remote support in the form of video calls and access to my virtual support platform.

What can I expect?

If you are offered (and accept) support under the Giving Back Scheme, we'll arrange a time for a call to agree what help you need most and how this is best provided. It may be a series of video calls or access to my virtual support platform during business hours. Whatever the challenge you're experiencing, I'll support you in finding (and implementing) the right solution. 

What experience do you have?

I've been helping small businesses and social enterprises structure and grow their ventures for nearly 15 years. I've worked on projects including developing new services, financial modelling, sourcing new technology, automating processes, and website design.

What's the process?

During the last week of each month, I'll review all the applications received and contact everyone who has applied by email. The email may contain an offer for support during the next calendar month or it may include some resources I feel you may find useful. If you receive an offer, you will receive a link to my calendar to arrange a call to discuss your needs in more detail.

Just a couple of things before you go… Support offered under the Giving Back Scheme is at the discretion of Sarah Mitchell and Exploring Solutions. There are a limited number of support hours available each month under the Giving Back Scheme. Applications will be reviewed during the last week of each calendar month with support being provided in the following calendar month. An entity will only be offered support once in any 12 month period. If they are not offered support in one month, they may re-apply in subsequent months. Any personal information collected on the form above will be held securely for a period of 12 months for the date it is submitted. It will only be used in connection with the Giving Back Scheme.