The main habit I aim to develop during 2020 is spending more time on personal growth.  One of the ways i'm hoping to achieve this is by making better use of my time and the first item on my list is to listen to others while doing mundane tasks.

So last night I was cooking dinner and sorting the laundry while listening to a TEDTalk by Pat Mitchell (no relation).  Her talk was powerful and I found myself stopping to listen (as the potatoes boiled over).

I'm not sure how I came across it, but my first thought when I started to listen was ‘this is a great talk for the start of 2020!'.  She touched on several areas which are close to my heart: equality, the environment, community, and personal power.  As I continued to listen, my mind started to wander to things I can change and accomplish in the coming months.

I'm adding this one to the playlist to listen to again (when there are less distractions and I have a notepad).

Click HERE to listen to Pat Mitchell's TEDTalk.

Happy listening!

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Founder, Exploring Solutions