I've always a book with me and usually have two or three books on the go at the same time.

I heard that Simon Sinek was organising a virtual book club during the COVID-19 emergency and we're reading and discussing his book, Start With Why.  I originally read this a couple of years ago when I first started looking at myself and my business.  It was a great inspiration.

Simon hosts a YouTube Live once a week and we either email in questions or drop them into the comments during the Live.  At the end of each week's session, we will have delved into one of the six sections of the book.

Start With Why has helped me to see the world from a different perspective.  Always having had an interest on human behaviour and business development, it was interesting to understand why we are drawn to certain products and companies (and that's just the first section!).

If you want to get involved with the book club – just grab a copy of Simon Sinek's book and watch out for his next YouTube Live.

Happy reading!

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Founder, Exploring Solutions